Hi-Tech Signs and Engraving Ltd

We produce a wide range of goods for our customers. As principal engravers, we provide components for numerous engineering and electrical switchgear companies in the local and national arena. Work can be completed on free issue items, or we can provide the material required. Our merchandise is only limited by our imagination.

Hi-Tech Signs and Engraving Ltd was established in 2007 to produce goods to service industry and the general public. We are capable of supplying large quantities or single items depending on your needs. Industrial engraving is an area which we have streamlined to allow the quick turnaround of goods, so that customers can be confident that they will receive their orders on time.

Our engravers have over 40 years experience in the business, with an apprenticeship from the manual machines to the high technology of laser etched computer programs

Engraving on Brass in Progress

Switchgear Engraving

Hi-Tech Signs and Engraving take great pride in working in partnership with Electrical Switchgear Companies. The design and manufacturing of each item is to suit the required switchboard to be installed for their customer. Which includes the National Grid, Power Stations, Sub Stations and Distribution Networks.

We supply Specialist Control Panels and Labels. From the basic to the highly complex designs, using Traffolyte and Stainless Steel materials.

Hi-Tech works with our customers to ensure orders are completed in an agreed time scale including same day orders if requested. Orders may be for a single label or multiples, all orders are valued and important to us.

Safety Label
Arabic/English Danger Sign
Cableway Label
Engraved legend

Ammeter Scale Plate in 0.5 mm Laminate 38x38mm

Engraved Switchgear Chinese Label

Industrial Labels Engraving


Hi-Tech Signs and Engraving supplies labels across many different manufacturing businesses. Identification Labels, Asset Labels and Valve and Tag Labels are required in our local and national region for: Electrical Switchgear, Security Companies Gas and Oil Industry.

Our labels are produced in vinyl, stainless steel, aluminium, traffolyte and rigid laminate. Our products include Warning Labels, Operational Labels, Equipment Labels, Distance Markers for Running Tracks, Marine Panels and V.I.N. Plates identification for New Trailers. We produce nameplates, calibration sticks and data plates for tanks.

The labels are also utilised by Maintenance Companies to service machinery in factories and on building premises.

Our promise is to work alongside new and existing customers to supply high-quality goods in a timely manner.

Reversed Engraved Plate
Engraved plate
3 rows of S/S pates
Stainless Steel Engraved Plate
Light Engineering

Licensed Trade Signs Engraving

Hi-Tech Signs and Engraving offer a large choice of signs and table numbers for the Food, Drink and Entertainment Industry. We can serve up the traditional small table number to the lavish, tantalising, gloss coloured Anodised Aluminium Sign.

For our Trade Licensee a polished Brass Name Plaque is also on the menu.

We invite our customers to design their own signs and labels.

Kindly contact us for a quote. 0191 4190222 or info@hi-techsigns.co.uk

 Socket Switch
Fine Wine Sign
Table Number 4

Set of 4 Name Badges in Rigid Laminate Engraved with Colour infill Price Starting From £3.20 Each

Nameplates and Plaques Engraving

Hi-Tech Signs and Engraving supply personalised  Nameplates and Plaques. The Plaque and Nameplates are used for businesses and personal occasions. These are individual to each of our customers.

To name but a few: house names, house numbers, employees name, titles for desk stands and Dentists Signs. 

Memorial and Commemorative Plaques are available, for benches, trees and walls. Produced in durable and high-quality materials. Often ordered in brass or stainless steel, but are also available in other materials.

We invite our customers to: design their nameplate, the size of the plaque, text, font and material.

Kindly contact us for a quote and any questions you may have. 0191 419 0222 or info@hi-techsigns.co.uk

Diving Experience Business Sign-Aluminium Cut Out Shark Sign

Green Door Name

Engraved Blue Commemorative Plaque

House Number 39

Engraved Brass Business Plaque

Gifts and Presents Engraving

Our personalised gift range is inclusive of all special occasions. From the unique Wedding, surprise Engagement, happy Christening to joyous Christmas. Gifts and accessories can be provided by the customer or supplied by ourselves.

Designs and drawings by our customers can be converted to produce the desired gift. We are able to engrave and laser-etch on many different materials. These include: wood, stainless steel, brass, perspex, traffolyte and aluminium. We stock a large selection of colours in the man-made category for our customers.

Wedding Top Table Setting

Wedding Top Table Setting

Wedding Top Table Setting. Designed by Hi-Tech Signs and Engraving. Gold name place settings and wooden star confetti.
Wedding Cake Topper

Wedding Cake Topper

Beautiful Gold Acrylic Wedding Cake Topper. Inscription ‘ALWAYS’. Hi-Tech Signs and Engraving design. Bespoke script colours and sizes available on request.

Blue Wedding Name Place Settings

Wedding Guest Book Stand Up Sign

Rosemary Name Place

Bespoke Engraving


Hi-Tech Signs and Engraving are suppliers of a large range of unusual and interesting items. From signs made for our Tyne Tunnel to unique and quirky awards.

Customers can have a choice of texts and their logo can also be included.

Orange and Black SOS Sign
First Aid Sign From the Tyne Tunnel

Tyne Tunnel Signs

Two Safety Signs produced from a set of six for the refurbished new Tyne Tunnel.

Custom-made Magnetic Van Livery from £15.00

Buy your Safety Signs

Buy your safety signs online from our online shop.

Need a Quote

Looking for a unique product to be engraved, maybe switchgear, industrial sign, your new restaurant sign, personal sign of love one, your pet, we can work with you and design a personal engraved product. We are happy to work with you to give you the product you need.