Switchgear Engraving

We supply a large number of different switchgear companies engraving for control panels, labels/tags, strip labels and legends. From the basic to the highly complex designs, using Traffolyte and Stainless Steel materials. Working in partnership with their Engineers and Project managers each panel/legend is produced to the dimensions and details required for the individual switchboard. Tags are used to identify valves and labels illustrate the instructions for machine operation. 

Our customers include local and national companies, who provide switchboards and switch rooms for many different businesses and industries. Often taking them abroad to work, this has in turn, required us to produce their work, with text in Chinese or Russian. 

It is our aim to provide goods to our customers of the highest standard and within the time frame required. Also to keep up to date with the latest developments in the industries we supply.


Switchgear Control Panels Engraving


Engraved Alarm Control Panel

Engraved Electrical Switchgear Panel

Rear Engraved Colour filled Perspex Label

Powder Covered Alarm Panel

Engraved Black Legend Plate

Aluminium Cut Out Plate

Switchgear Labels Engraving

Isolation Valve Tag in Red Traffolyte 50 mm Diameter. Starting Price From £2.00

Yellow Triangular Flash Label in Traffolyte 30x30mm. Price from £1.65

Potentiometer Bracket Label (AKA the eyebrow label) 50x48mmm in Traffolyte. Price From £3.50

Setting Mode Label in Aluminium. Contact for Price

Danger Busbars 400V Flash Label in Rigid Laminate 70x30mm Bevelled Edges. £1.65

Cableway Label in Rigid Laminate 75x25mm Bevelled Edges £1.20

Switchgear Strip Labels Engraving

Switchgear Strip Label 310x20mm With 6 Positions of Text on Traffolyte. Price Starting From £6.45

Switchgear Label 200x30mm With 6 Positions of Text on Traffolyte. Price Starting From £3.40

Small Strip Label 100x25mm Traffolyte. Price Starting From £2.50

Switchgear Strip Label in Russian. 100x25mm on Traffolyte. Price on Enquiry.

Switchgear Legends Engraving

Water Pump Reversed Engraved Legend in Cast Clear/Blue Acrylic

Aluminium Legend with 4 Screw Holes

Set of 8 Engraved Stainless Steel Legends for an Alarm System

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